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Pink Media offers monthly video & social media packages providing our clients with digital content production, social media management, digital marketing and digital brand management. Businesses constantly need to promote a new product launch, a new service offering and unlimited other possibilities. If you are not taking full advantage of the digital world, you are losing out on customers.

The FASTEST way to make sales from anywhere in the world is to communicate what you are selling on a CONSTANT basis through video. In today's day and age, video is one of the MOST important sales drivers for a business. Over 100 million hours of Facebook videos are watched every day. To take that further, 84% of Facebook ad revenue is generated from MOBILE VIDEOS! Every Business needs ongoing content generating engagement for them on all platforms.


Every business will receive a company profile video upon signing up. We will send a videographer out to your business, who will cover everything from interviews to products and more. This video highlights everything your client needs to know about your business. What you are selling, why they should do business with you, and much more!


You are probably asking yourself, "how can they deliver multiple videos a month without constant video shoots? In order to accomplish this, our videographer will cover enough content on the initial shoot to take us through multiple months at a time. To make it even sweeter, we have a state of the art in house studio that we provide to our clients ON DEMAND. That's right. Just give us a call, swing by, and refresh your content. This includes everything from product shots, interviews, sound bytes, testimonials and more! Additionally, we encourage our clients to send us as much content as possible -- no matter if you just launched a new product and want to promote the brand, or if you are at an event and want to show your followers, Pink Media is here to help you get the word out!


No matter what business you own, your logo is your brand. It is the single most important identifying mark your business owns. Pink Media will animate your logo and update it every couple of months, or as requested. Your animated logo will be the end card in every piece of content you put out.


Our videographers will shoot up to 25 photos that can be used in anything. We will re touch and re-edit your photos to make sure they masterfully portray your brand.

Looking to create & advertise your videos to an LGBTQ audience? Call us at (323) 963-3653 or contact us here to get started.

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